Paragliding: Sport skydiving modality that consists of launching from a very steep slope with a deployed parachute and making a controlled descent.
A paraglider is an aircraft built only of fabric and ropes with which it is possible to take off and land standing up (without wheels). The bell is shaped like a wing, with a profile just like those of airplanes, and, like those of these, it provides lift from a certain speed.
Open, the wing has an area of about 30 square meters. Folded, you can put it together with the accessories (boots, helmet, coat,…) inside a large backpack.

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Paragliding Costa Verde

Paragliding Costa Verde: We offer a fabulous aerial tour of the 4 best districts of the Costa Verde. San Miguel,

How is it headed?
You carry in your hands two rings that are attached to the back of the wing (trailing edge). Lowering the left hand lowers the left part of the trailing edge. This causes the left part of the wing to slow down and turn to the left. Pulling both rings at the same time slows you down, and raising your hands again accelerates you.
The glider has a special property that it does not share with any other aircraft: when you let go of the controls it immediately goes straight and flies in a straight line. This makes it the easiest aircraft to fly, since it does not require as much sensitivity in the controls as, for example, a hang glider or a small plane.

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